10 Dec 2011

Public Lettering in Central London: Phil Baines’ Walking Tour

Photo: Jennifer Pedler / HAT

This well know Kings Cross palimpsest features in Phil Baines‘ updated walking tour of public lettering in London (thanks to Geraldine Marshall for the link on the Facebook page). He’s now created this as a ‘Map Tale’ which can be viewed below or in full screen here [Links since expired].

This adds to a handful of other Ghostsigns cameos in tours and trails, as discussed previously on this blog:

  • Peterkin in the Battersea Heritage Trail (also links to various other signs that featured in the 2010 Design Detail Trail, part of the London Festival of Architecture)
  • Various Stoke Newington signs in Jo Tomkins’ folding map
  • Angel Walks (no longer available due to the death of Peter Powell who led them)
  • In the USA, Fort Collins celebrates their Ghostsigns heritage with a self-guided tour.
  • Type Tours (I think the ‘East’ one may feature ghostsigns)

If anyone knows of any more like these then please get in touch.

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