10 Sep 2010

London Mural Preservation Society

Garden Mural, Earlham Street, Stephen Pusey 1977
Garden Mural, Earlham Street, Stephen Pusey 1977. Photo courtesy of London Mural Preservation Society.

At last week’s Sign Design Society talk I met Ruth who has started an initiative aimed at raising awareness, researching, restoring and protecting the many hand painted murals that can be found dotted across the capital.  These were generally initiated as community arts projects and Ruth has been tracking down the artists who once produced them, as well as making efforts to have them repainted and protected by councils.

As with Ghostsigns I think that these murals hold a place within people’s collective conscious and I could quickly list at least three or four when I first came across the project: the Cable Street mural; the one just down from Dalston Junction; one at Highbury Grove; a brand new one on Kyverdale Road in Stoke Newington. Since I’ve started thinking about the project even more have come to mind and lots are captured in Ruth’s sets on Flickr.

Ruth has already organised one walking tour which started in Kings Crossand more activities of this type are planned in the future. She is also keen for others to get involved as, just like the Ghostsigns Project, this really is a labour of love and it is much better to have a bunch of people helping than going it alone. Do get in touch:

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