3 Jan 2017

Photos of Old Stoke Newington

Amir Dotan’s excellent History of Stoke Newington project has just published over 4,000 images on Flickr, from a variety of sources. They are well worth a browse, as are his Facebook and Twitter feeds. While looking through I pulled out a handful relating to locations featured on my Ghostsigns Walking Tour.

Stoke Newington Church Street 1981 (Alan Denney)

The famous, and listed, fountain pens sign (Photo: Alan Denney)

Marton Road 1984 (Alan Denney)

James Crane, over 125 years old now (Photo: Alan Denney, 1984)

Stoke Newington Church Street 1981 Alan Denney

A.Rubenstein (to the left), looking very faint in 1981 (Photo: Alan Denney)

Stoke Newington Church Street 1985 (Alan Denney)

A.Rubenstein looking more legible, four years later, in 1985, perhaps due to some covering paint decaying (Photo: Alan Denney)

16.03.1918 The HM Landship ‘Julian’, aka ‘Tank Bank’ on a fundraising visit outside William Patten School 3

1918, no longer visible, and subsequently replaced by the enigmatic ‘wine glass’ ghostsign and community mural

1953 - 109-17 Church Street

1953, clear matchbox on the Criterion Matches sign, and a handful of painted shopfronts

1912 - 211-17 Stoke Newington High St _ @AbneyParkN16 South Lodge

1912, since filled in and finally covered in 2016

1990 - High Street (Hornet Photography on Flickr)

1990, F.C.Dyson, visible (Photo: Hornet Photography)

1990 - High Street (Hornet Photography on Flickr)(1)

1990, F.C.Dyson, covered by billboard (Photo: Hornet Photography)

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