22 Aug 2010


Telegraph 22nd August 2010 First Page

A nice feature in this Sunday’s Telegraph documents many jobs that are gradually disappearing, including that of the advertising signwriter alongside rag and bone men, matchgirls and airbrush artists (pre-photoshop) among others.

Written by Peter Lyle the signwriting piece focuses on Wayne Tanswell, contemporary signwriter, and a brief quote from me about the habit that forms when you start noticing the Ghostsigns around: “mention them to people and they’ll look quizzical, but next time they see you, they’ll have started to spot them”. Pretty profound stuff there!

Here are some more scans (click the one below for larger, legible text). The W.Chittock sign pictured is in Norwich and photographed by Keith Roberts.

Telegraph 22nd August 2010 Ghostsigns Segment
Telegraph 22nd August 2010

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