6 Jun 2010

Making History in Bath

Circulating Library and Reading Room Bath
Circulating Library

Press interest in the project continues and on Thursday last week I travelled to Bath to be interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 program Making History.  The resulting feature will be broadcast at 3.00pm on Tuesday, 15th June and will also be available after this on iPlayer. [Update: Listen to Ghostsigns on Making History.]

Bath is an interesting place in the context of Ghostsigns because there are lots that have been inadvertently protected by the listed status of many of the city’s buildings. Some of these are in excellent condition and so I took my camera with me to snap some photos. With the exception of one new discovery all of these are already in the archive with photos from other contributors so I’ve linked to these for those interested in more precise location details.

Hay Hill Dairy.

Hay Hill Dairy. I assumed this one was in the archive but the photographers responsible haven’t committed so I’ll be adding this one soon from my own collection.

Nestle / Milkmaid Palimpsest.
Nestle Etc
Nestle Etc

Nestle Etc. There is clearly some text and possibly an illustration in this close up but does anyone know what it says? Please leave a comment or send me an email, sam@ghostsigns.co.uk, if so.

Players and Gold Flake

There are many layers of text on this sign so I’m still trying to decipher it, any thoughts in the comments or by email, sam@ghostsigns.co.uk

www…but this surely pre-dates the internet [sic]
Gas fitter…&c…Workshops…

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