1 May 2010

Ghostsigns Indoors

English Fancy Bazaar indoor ghostsign

English’s Fancy Bazaar by Paul & Karen Rennie

What with launching the archive, getting married and travel plans impacted by the volcano I’m a little behind with blog posting. This means I’ve been sitting on this little discovery for a couple of months.

What you see above is the first and only example I’ve ever come across of a Ghostsign indoors. Clearly the wall was once outside and the building from which the photo has been taken was built afterwards, or at least the attic at the top which now keeps this piece of signwriting secret from the world.

The picture was sent to me by Paul & Karen Rennie and they say it was a key factor (perhaps even the key factor) in their decision to buy the house. They tell me, “It was advertising English’s Fancy Bazaar which was a sort of gift shop back in the late 19C”.

It’s interesting that their line of work is running a shop specialising in 20th century british art and design, a fancy bazaar of their very own. Have a look at the shop here, and note Karen’s print design for Captain Webb Matches, a brand which keen followers will recognise from the Bradford Ghostsign.

What a great find, thanks Paul and Karen for sending across.

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