30 Mar 2010

UP THERE from the Ritual Project

Stella Artois from the Ritual Project by Colossal Media

Readers of the blog may recall my discussions of the collaboration between Colossal Media and Stella Artois a.k.a. ‘The Ritual Project‘. This was all set to lead to a documentary but then everything went quiet.  That is until I received an email yesterday from my contact on the production team with news that they’ve been hard at work in the edit and the film is almost ready.

So close in fact that a trailer is now available and I’m pleased to share this with you here in two parts, one which showcases what you can expect from the film and one which pulls together the various timelapse components, allowing you to see the totality of the piece they produced during their three weeks working in New York.

I hope you enjoy these, I certainly think it is great to see a contemporary take on this disappearing art/craft. I know they’ll be in touch again once the final film is released so keep your eye on this blog, the facebook page and twitter steam for more updates.

‘UP THERE’ Trailer

‘UP THERE’ Timelapse

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