22 Dec 2009

Standard Fireworks (RIP)

Photo by robo2004

Destruction and demolition are no strangers to ghostsigns, as the expanding list of ‘obituaries’ documents. Recently news has reached me of one loss and another potentially on the horizon.  These show why the work on the archive is important in preserving the last survivors of this lost art/craft form.

First up is this one for Fieldings’ General Warehousemen who seem to have had their sign paid for by Standard Fireworks. The building was completely demolished as part of a wider clearance following a raging fire in an adjacent mill. Thanks robo2004 for the original photo and the news of this sign’s loss. If anyone else has any photos of this sign please do send them to me as we currently only have this small one for the archive and future reference.

Photo by Isisbridge

Next up from Isisbridge is news that property developers are plotting the destruction of this corner building in Jericho, Oxford. The building is home to two very distinctive signs that made use of the blocked out windows. These touted the tea and coffee once presumably available to buy on the premises. A campaign is afoot to save the building and the signs but don’t be surprised if a full RIP appears on this site soon, although you can play your part in the campaign here [Update: Campaign closed, results here]. Thanks Isisbridge for the news, keep me posted as the story develops…

Photo by Isisbridge

Photo by Isisbridge

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