27 Nov 2009

Black Cat Audio

Black Cat Cigarettes Extra Large

Fascinating audio giving some history behind the Black Cat sign on Dingley Road, EC1.  This includes the observation that the growth of the cigarette industry in the early part of the last century was partly fuelled by the fact that soldiers fighting in the war were given fags in their rations. They then got hooked and demanded more which meant boom time for manufacturers such as Carerras who made the Black Cat label. Also interesting is that EC1, now fashionable Finsbury (not Park), was once the dominant force in cigarette manufacturing.

This is one of a number of sound recordings on what is known as the The Black Cat Trail which traces a path from Old Street to Roseberry Avenue passing other points of interest along the way. See also, the St John Street Trail. [Links since expired.]

Anyway, have a listen for yourself, thank you to David Green of the ‘One History’ project for alerting me to the file.

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