13 May 2009

Booze & Fags 2

Since creating the montage of signs received in the Booze & Fags category a handful more have been added to the pool which are worth sharing (see below).

I’m currently working on Food & Drink and it feels like the archive is finally arriving.

A striking gable end for Hemmingways brewery in Leeds taken by Keyfabe. Some other images here.

This one is on the side of a pub in West Ham, London and is for Douro Port. Photo by werdsmyth_2000.

I’m really happy that DCI Photography added this one to the group as I’ve seen it elsewhere a couple of times. Its another one for Puck Matches but very different from the character-led sign in Leeds.

My guess is that this one has been touched up recently but, as yet, the only one for the Woodbine brand that I’ve seen. Thanks to Gregory Williams for adding.

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