10 Sep 2008

French Connection

Beziers, France

I’ve just recently returned from five weeks in the south of France, hence the lack of Ghost Sign news since late June.  It looks like Frank Jump was also doing something similar recently and details of my trip last year are here.

Just before I left Caroline tipped me off about a Ghost Signs ‘convention’ happening near Paris. This was organised by CONPER whose main concern is the preservation of painted and roadside advertising across France where they are commonplace (see a great catalogue here). Sadly because I was in the South I was unable to make it along but if anyone went or can translate French I would love to know more about CONPER and what the themes of the convention were…

The final French Connection came yesterday when fellow enthusiast Mary from France requested permission to use some of my pictures on the community pages of her site.

Anyway, I’m back and so will hopefully be making more regular posts again over the coming months, although I will also be spending a lot of time writing my dissertation…

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