13 Sep 2007

French Brickads

A recent trip to the south of France was surprisingly fruitful when it came to Ghost Sign hunting. Whereas discovering a new sign in London is something of a rarity, France is bursting with them.

There’s something about the country that makes them comfortable with all things rusty and dusty i.e. they don’t mind if things get a bit old and rough round the edges. This means that even the smallest villages have signs and the bigger places are awash with old advertising.

This sign is for Dubonnet, an aperitif. It is in Clement L’Herault and is one of three for this brand that I came across. Some of these feature the slogan ‘Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet’ and all of them use the distinctive blue colour, despite the current red and black bottle design. Some more examples can be found here.

I took quite a few photos but didn’t get all that I saw – there were simply too many. I’ve uploaded the best here. There’s also a great site dedicated to French and Belgian Brickads here.

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