6 Oct 2007

Rise and Fall of Billboards

In response to my post on SmartWrap, Faris warned me to ‘beware the backlash’ and sent me a link to his blog which shows the following TV ad. It’s for Sky Movies, promoting the fact that their films are uninterupted by advertising and is inspired by the Brazilian billboard ban.

An interesting construct which Faris refers to as being ‘meta’ i.e. using an ad to promote an absence of ads. Have a look for yourself, read Faris’ full post, and then consider the linked arguments of Howard Gossage from 1960 which include the cutting lines:

“A billboard has no other function, it is there for the sole and express purpose of trespassing on your field of vision. Nor is it possible for you to escape; the billboard inflicts itself unbidden upon all but the blind or recluse.”

Howard Gossage (1960). How to look at billboards. Harpers magazine

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