World Record

Ken Jones’ Butte Palimpsests

Dr Ken Jones has been doing an incredible job documenting the ghostsigns of America via his American Ghosts project. Not only does this involve detailed photographic documentation (see previous post on his process), but also pinning ghostsigns onto an ever-growing map. This now pinpoints thousands of examples and allows areas with high densities of signs …

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One side of a building entirely wrapped by a ghostsign for Liberty Tire

Ghostsign building wrap from the culture+typography blog

I’ve just started following the culture+typography blog which is a regular source of interesting observations on lettering and signage in the public sphere.  Above is an image from blog author Nikki Villagomez from this post about an entire building wrapped in a ghostsign for Liberty Tire.  It is a great discovery from Cincinnati, and could …

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Hammersmith Palais ghostsign close up by Malcolm Edwards

Farewell and RIP to the Hammersmith Palais

[Update, November 2020: This sign is still visible, and the demolition works appear to have only affected the building immediately behind this wall.] Thursday, 10th May 2012 marked the final destruction of the once proud Hammersmith Palais, home to this underground-platform-long ghostsign. Dances were once twice daily but the evidence of this now only remains …

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Ghostsigns World Record by Rick Lee

Ghost Signs World Record

This photo taken by Rick Lee in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA features the most ghost signs I’ve ever seen on a single wall, a world record perhaps? I’m now wondering if there are any other contenders out there? The building pictured on page four of Ben Passikoff’s book comes close and I think it is most …

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