Raja Painter Horn Please by Shantanu Suman

Horn Please and the Wonderful World of India’s Hand-Painted Trucks

Horn Please is a short film by directors Shantanu Suman and Istling Mirche, all about the bright and colourful hand-painted trucks that fuel India‘s massive goods transportation system. It is an insightful and captivating expose of this fascinating cultural phenomenon, touching on the history of truck painting in India, the significance of the designs and the …

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Hand Painted Type alphabet by Umesh

Ghostsigns World Tour

Perhaps being in Cambodia has sensitised me to the world of Ghostsigns beyond my home shores. Or maybe awareness of the project has encouraged those from around the world to make contact. Whatever it is, I thought it was time for a round-up of what’s landed in my inbox and surfaced on my internet radar …

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Ghost Signs Live (India?)

Painting Wall-Ads Originally uploaded by .Hessam In a flurry of discoveries on the painting of Modern Brickads I came across this from .Hessam.  It again shows an intricate sign being produced and you can see the artist’s miniture design sheet perched against the wall in front of his foot. I can’t read the text but …

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Pepsi Brickad from Mumbai India

Pepsi Brickad (Mumbai)

Brickads are truly a global phenomenon. Here’s one for Pepsi, probably not that old, from Mumbai in India. It’s a slightly budget effort compared to some other modern signs.