Light Capsules from Craig Winslow


Craig Winslow is an experiential designer who has recently turned his gaze towards ghostsigns, and the creative possibilities offered by applying his expertise in light projection mapping. The idea first came to him during a trip across America and has grown since. In essence it involves recreating the fading signs through a process of typographic analysis, before projecting the resulting graphics back onto the host walls of the original signs. These ‘Light Capsules‘ are a non-invasive way of bringing ghostsigns back to life, allowing the letter forms and colours to be fully visible again. In some cases they also allow the layers of palimpsest to be teased apart and to see each layer in its entirety.

Craig’s initial experiments with the process enthused him sufficiently to (successfully) apply to become one of a select group of Adobe Creative Residents. This has given him a year to explore how his Light Capsules approach can be applied to many different ghostsigns, initially across the USA, but now also in London. Craig is visiting the UK for the London Design Festival where I am collaborating with him to illuminate a series of five different ghostsigns between 17 and 24 September 2016. We will also be taking over a blank wall on Great Suffolk Street in South London to deliver a virtual ghostsigns world tour.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this series of events which we’re both very excited about delivering. Each installation will take place from 8-10pm (see below) are are free to view. The project coincides with the launch of the Ghostsigns Tours App, with many of the selected signs part of the popular Bankside and Stoke Newington Ghostsigns Walks. You can follow progress on all these projections via the dedicated Facebook event page.

Keep an eye on this page for updates of additional scheduled sites, and follow progress across the following social media.

For any media or other enquiries please email or call +44 7989 409 046.