9 Nov 2020

The Fascinating Legacy of Neon in Warsaw, Poland

This is a slight detour from the usual fading painted signs, but I highly recommend sitting down to enjoy this mini-feature (52 minutes) about neon signs, past and present, in Warsaw, Poland. It features material from the city’s neon museum which is on my list of places to visit, alongside the neon museum in Las Vegas to see Craig Winslow’s Brilliant installation. If you’ve not visited already then, when current conditions change, I recommend getting to the Buchstabenmuseum in Berlin (virtual tour here), the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, and Vienna’s Schildermalermuseum.

The film above was originally brought to my attention at the annual Neon Speaks conference which went online this year and featured many fascinating sessions, including the ghost signs of San Francisco and the neon of Havana. The organisers have taken much of the programme content and posted the recordings online for viewing until 3rd January. Access  to these is on a donation basis (suggested $10) and it’s well worth doing so via the dedicated Eventbrite page.

Enjoy the film, and do share any thoughts in the comments.

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