23 Nov 2020

Glasgow Ghost Signs Walking Tours: Free Maps

Back in September I gave a talk to the Glasgow Ghost Signs Conference, where I also learned about a series of three maps that allow you to navigate some of the city’s beautiful surviving historic signs. These feature a City Centre walk, and then one each for the East End and West End. (This page allows you to download the routes as free PDFs.) They adopt a more wide-ranging definition of ‘ghost sign’ than the one I use, but there’s still plenty in their for the hand-painted signs aficionado.

The maps have been created by Ghost Signs of Glasgow, an initiative of the Glasgow City Heritage Trust. They are doing some good work in the city documenting and researching the signs, largely working with local volunteers. You can follow their work via their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Website.

The images above are ten of my favourite Glasgow ghost signs, and don’t all feature on the walks. There are lots more on these older blog posts.

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