14 Dec 2018

Stoke Newington Ghostsigns Walk: 28 December

Photo: Gloria Soria

Since my ‘retirement’ from public walks, I have made my walking tours app completely free. However, in two weeks’ time I will be leading a one-off Christmas special walk in Stoke Newington. Bookings can be made via www.ghostsigns.co.uk/tours and I look forward to bringing the walk back to the street.

PS. My walks (Stoke Newington, Bankside, Clapham and Cambridge) are always available for private groups to book and I recently enjoyed interspersing the ghost signs with stops at pubs along the way for the Christmas outing of a small type foundry. If you are looking for a half-day out for a team, an educational trip for students, or just have a group of friends interested then please email me, sam@ghostsigns.co.uk, to enquire.

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