16 Nov 2018

Singapore’s Historic Signs

Friendship Motor Co by Mark De Winne

I’ve never been to Singapore but have always believed it to be an ultra-modern city-state, and an unlikely place to find much in the way of historic signs. However, it turns out that this prejudice is unfounded, as this collection of photos from Mark De Winne, Vikas Kailankaje and Vishesh Wanvari shows. They were featured on the CNA Lifestyle website ahead of a talk, ‘The Singapore Gothic’, delivered at Archifest 2018.

In addition to the presence of this historic signs, further good news is that new hand-painted and gilded signs are being created in Singapore by Charmaine Chen (Old World Charm) who I had the privilege of meeting at Letterheads 2018: London Calling.

Vikas Kailankaje with the proprietor about the 50-year-old carved timbre signboard for Chu Yew Contractors Co. in Whampoa Drive. (Photo: Vishesh Wanvari)
Yong Leng Trading Co by Vishesh Wanvari
Tai Yong Electric Co by Vishesh Wanvari
Koon Eng Auto by Mark De Winne
Jit Sin Beauty Salon by Mark De Winne
Friendship Packaging by Vikas Kailankaje
Hiong Kee Co by Mark De Winne
Charmaine Chen (Old World Charm) at work on a window piece for Sabotage & Co.
Charmaine Chen (Old World Charm) and another happy customer at Yap Bicycle Company

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