22 Apr 2017

Dingo Flour Restoration in Fremantle Australia

On one of my recent Bankside Ghostsigns Walks an Australian guest tipped me off about the recent restoration of a famous Dingo Flour ghost sign in Fremantle, Australia. This was undertaken at the end of 2016 with a grant from the Western Australian Heritage Council. The sign was originally painted in 1940, and was maintained at one point subsequently by the infamous Alan Bond. It had fallen into disrepair with panels missing as well as paint fading. The works were undertaken by Compaq Marketing, and an account of their process can be found in this article as well as the above video.

Dingo Flour Mill, Freemantle, prior to restoration works. Photo: Simon Santi.
Dingo Flour restoration works in progress in Fremantle Australia. Photo: Darrell Beck/Curio Warehouse
Dingo Flour restoration completed in Fremantle Australia. Photo: Compaq Marketing.

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