2 Oct 2014

Dr Bells: A Stunning Ghostsign Reveal in Paducah

Rob Estes of Brushstroke Signs took the photograph below which reached me via Cornbread of the Walldogs. It’s of a recent ghostsign revealed in Paducah, Kentucky, and has elements that have survived in excellent condition, protected by an adjacent building that has now been demolished. (It follows hot on the heels of another recent doctor, Dr King in Melbourne.)

Painted sign on wall for Dr Bells
Photo: Rob Estes

The sign is not only in excellent condition (in patches) but also has some very well preserved pictorial elements, notably the depiction of Dr Bell himself. He was mascot for a brand of cough syrup that was manufactured in Paducah and so there are moves to reveal more of the sign, and perhaps have parts restored given it local historical significance. However, as with Dr King in Melbourne, the identity of Dr Bell remains something of a mystery. Some excellent background information and a possible theory has been gathered here on the Local and Family History site which also has another excellent photo. If you have anything to add then please do so in the comments. Otherwise just marvel at this beautiful reveal.

Thanks Rob and Cornbread for sending it my way.

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