17 Nov 2013

My first Ghostsign, from Nicaragua

Painted sign, fading on a wall in Nicaragua
Nicaragua, 1998, by Sam Roberts

While preparing for Wednesday’s talk at St Bride I rediscovered this in an old photo album from my 1998 travels in Central America. It is from Nicaragua, celebrating 1 May, International Workers’ Day. I believe this may be my first ever ghostsign photo, predating the fountain pens one in Stoke Newington by about eight years.

‘The Revolutionary Murals of Nicaragua’ by David Kunzle is an excellent resource for those wanting to learn more about Nicaragua’s public art in the period 1979-1992. Many of the murals captured and researched in the book have since been lost but I was lucky to have seen some of them, particularly in Leon and Granada, while I was there. Here’s one more that I’ve scanned from my prints, and then something less revolutionary and more commercial.

Mural depicting Henry Vado
Henry Vado, Nicaragua, 1998
Painted signage on a wall for Charly's Bar
Charly’s Bar, Nicaragua

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