13 Oct 2012

Anthony Quinn and the Victor Clothing Company

Large mural advertising the Victor Clothing Company and featuring actor Anthony Quinn
Photo: James Atkinson

This huge advertising mural in Los Angeles was painted to coincide with with the Olympics in 1984. Named “The Pope of Broadway”, the mural features a local hero, the actor Anthony Quinn, and was painted by the artist Eloy Torrez. It advertises the Victor Clothing Company which moved to these premises in 1923 after being founded in 1920.

The management of the business had a passion for art and this was one of a number of pieces commissioned to decorate their building and advertise their business. The edge of another can be seen to the left of the image above, and a fuller picture is available on Flickr.

Thank you to James Atkinson (perrin124) for letting me share this immense piece of advertising and community art.

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