26 Nov 2009

Ghostsigns (Most Wanted)

Ghostsigns Archive most wanted November 2009

Here are six Flickr galleries of signs not yet ready for inclusion in the Ghostsigns Archive.  The archive is set to launch in January 2010.

To date there have been almost 3,000 photos added to the Flickr group from over 300 photographers. Many of these have also been confirmed as gifts to the History of Advertising Trust (HAT) by photographers completing and returning this form. This means that the vast majority of the signs can now be kept safe by HAT and given a home where they will be permanently accessible by all interested parties around the world. This is massive achievement and was only possible through the combined efforts of people all across the country. Thank you.

Looking through the photos of signs that aren’t yet ready for inclusion in the archive there are some that I feel would really add value and that it would be a shame to exclude. This is therefore an appeal to the photographers who took them to complete and return the form but also for others to get involved and head out to snap these signs before they dissappear (I know that some of them are already gone).

Please have a look through this ‘Most Wanted’list which is broadly grouped by geographical area:

Beside each image are the location details (where known) to help those who want to take their own photos. I hope we’ll be able to get most of them into the archive in January!

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