6 Jul 2009

Ariel / Writers update

Ariel Writers Ghostsign Kennington 1980s
Photo: Graham Parker

Photos courtesy of Graham Parker.

Following some of the information provided by Jerry in the comments on this post about the Ariel/Writers sign in Kennington I’ve been sent a couple of fascinating pictures by Graham Parker.

The first of these shows the front of the shop as it once was, although looking pretty closed down by this time. The second shows the sign which already has a similar level of wear to its current form. You can also see just behind the van that there was once also a vertical sign with just the Writers shop name on it.

Roy Writer who owned the motorbike shop was Graham’s great uncle (the brother of his grandfather) and these pictures were found at his mum’s house. He doesn’t have a date for them but they seem to have 01 telephone numbers for London which puts them before 6th May 1990. We also think that the shop closed down in the late 70’s which would place these pictures somewhere in the 80’s.

Thanks for sending through Graham, always interesting to find these local and personal connections to the signs I’m working on.

PS. This sign is the first image in the recent Travel & Transport montage.

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