27 Jun 2009

Interesting Perspectives

These three images were submitted back to back into the ghostsigns pool being used to establish the archive. They stood out because of their very unique perspectives on three signs that are frequently photographed.

For comparison I’ve included my own photos for two of them.

This is michaelpickard‘s photo of the Donovan Bros sign from round Spitalfields market, one that has undergone changes in recent years. He’s both gone for black and white and also a fishbowl effect. Nice. Here’s my effort for comparison and many more can be found here.

Next is 2cauldrons‘ shot of the Monmouth Street Pictorial Postcards sign, this time taken at night and from above. Pretty unique.

Here’s my effort again.

Last up is a nod to the wild snow we had earlier this year in CmdrGravy‘s shot of the Midland Railway Grain Warehouse. I don’t have my own of this sign but more can be seen here.

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