31 May 2008

Derelict London Part 2

Since my post last year on Pall Talling’s Derelict London site he has had his work published in a book.  It makes for fascinating reading and is truly inclusive of the whole city. The book is divided into sections along the lines of those featured on his site such as ‘Houses & Flats’, ‘Pubs & Cafes’ etc and I imagine that anyone who is familiar with London will find buildings in the book that they know or pass every day. What is also quite amazing is how many of these places remain derelict in the face of increasing pressure on existing housing in the city. You can buy the book here and visit the Derelict London site here.

Although there aren’t any parts of the book given over completely to fading advertising their are a few things featured such as the East London Wharfs (Lovells and Chambers for example) which tended to have their names painted high on the buildings. A couple of my own examples of these are shown below. He also features a bomb shelter sign directing Londoners to safety somewhere in central London from the days of the 2nd World War.

Limehouse Wharf
Dunbar Wharf

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