4 Feb 2008

Faded London

Nuttman Bros Timber and Fencing by Yelfy
Photo: Yelfy

If you like the sort of stuff found on this blog you will certainly also be interested in the work of Yelfy over at Faded London.  This features some excellent examples of Ghost Signs, many from South London which is clearly my weak spot along with West London (funny that, living in North East!). The Faded London blog takes things a step further and explores many other historically interesting items such as, clocks, man hole covers, coal holes and much more. What’s also an added bonus is that it features explorations of specific geographical locations across London which could, in theory, allow you to go on a walk and uncover some of the discoveries yourself.

This sign pictured is a recent discovery in Sutton, round the back of B&Q, and is notable for its excellent condition. Also, the phone number is just three digits, could it possibly be that there were less than 1,000 number when this was painted? More likely that it was a local number for local people to call as this was before the days of calling contractors across the city.

Excellent find Yelfy!

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