8 Oct 2007

Hackney Council

In preparing an article for the Hackney Gazette a response came from the council as to what they’re doing to preserve old ads.  In principal this is very positive, especially given the large number of signs in the borough (a rare double pictured).

The following message came from Emma Britton, Media Officer, Hackney Council:

Please find below a Council comment about preservation of traditional adverts on Hackney buildings. We are keen to try to preserve them as we recognise they are an important part of the borough’s architectural heritage…

….Cllr Guy Nicholson, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, said:

“The Council will do everything we can to encourage the conservation and preservation of these adverts within the powers available to us. We can identify the adverts as a feature in conservation areas and on listed buildings, meaning any proposals to develop the buildings in the future must take the adverts into consideration.”

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