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Eat Carnation Mush ghostsign San Francisco

Mapping San Francisco’s Ghostsigns

This project [Link expired] is seeking to create a comprehensive google map of ghostsigns in San Francisco. ┬áIt is run by Kasey Smith of the Perception Filter blog (recommended) and has already made significant progress. Many of the stories surrounding the documented signs are published on the blog, including the reveal of the one pictured …

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Chicago Ghostsigns mapped online and photographed for thesis

This website [Link expired] allows you to browse locations in Chicago and find the neighbourhood ghostsigns there.  It was created by Nicole Donohoe for her thesis and has some great examples from this city which I haven’t previously seen many signs from.  I’m not sure if the project is still active but there is a …

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Flook Ghostsigns screen shot


[Update: This application no longer exists.] This free iPhone app now features ghostsigns in the form of geolocated photo cards.  My Flickr images have been used to test the app’s integration with the photosharing website and the results have been a success. By getting the app on your iPhone you can view and create photo …

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