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The ‘Books of Clio’ is a great blog for ghostsigns in France

I’ve just started to follow this blog which is regularly throwing up interesting material.  Above and below are three of my favourites from the last couple of months (from here, here and here), the first for the interesting arrow shape, the Zanussi one because I’ve never seen a washing machine brand advertised in this way …

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Four layers of Dubonnet palimpsest

Great discovery here from Sebastien in which he has identified four signs for the same brand vying for position on the same wall.  There’s a great gallery of French ghostsigns here (Dubonnet here) and my posts on the country are here with additional photos in this Flickr set.

Hand Painted Type alphabet by Umesh

Ghostsigns World Tour

Perhaps being in Cambodia has sensitised me to the world of Ghostsigns beyond my home shores. Or maybe awareness of the project has encouraged those from around the world to make contact. Whatever it is, I thought it was time for a round-up of what’s landed in my inbox and surfaced on my internet radar …

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Emmanuel Nouaillier

Black & white piece featuring traditional French shop fronts One of the best things that has happened since setting up this blog is people sending me Ghost Sign related materials from around the world. The most interesting of these are when the signs have been used as a springboard for artistic and other creative activities. …

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