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Brad Blackman Park Here from NASHVILLE365

Brad Blackman

(PA)RK (H)ERE Oil on canvas, 5 x 7 inches © 2011 Brad Blackman It’s been a while since I’ve come across a new artist using Ghostsigns as a springboard for their own work. Today, one came into my inbox, this time from Brad Blackman in ‘music city’, Nashville, USA.  It is part of a series …

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Annette Smith Bath Fresh Pet Meat Daily

Annette Smith

On the back of my post about the interview in Bath for BBC Radio 4’s Making History program I have been contacted by Bath artist and photographer Annette Smith.  By pure coincidence she currently has an exhibition running until this weekend at the Octagon in Bath as part of the ‘Fringe Arts Bath’ festival. She …

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Emmanuel Nouaillier

Black & white piece featuring traditional French shop fronts One of the best things that has happened since setting up this blog is people sending me Ghost Sign related materials from around the world. The most interesting of these are when the signs have been used as a springboard for artistic and other creative activities. …

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