Sign Making

Painting and sign making techniques.

Signboard for Northern Star Creative

Charlton Signwriting

Some photos and film from a visit to Charlton to see Chris of Northern Star Creative at work on a sign for a garage. It was great to see him in action and to hear some of his stories from when he used to run a signwriting shop on the Woolwich Road. He’s writing these …

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The Ritual Project

Stella Artois and Colossal Media are collaborating in New York to use hand painted advertising over 21 days to demonstrate the ‘ritual’ of pouring a glass of Stella.  This ritual involves nine steps and by day 11 they’re on step three, mainly due to adverse weather conditions. It’s going to be a busy ten days …

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Cobbled Yard Antiques and Collectables

The Cobbled Yard

I was tipped off about this new hand painted sign and got these photos some time ago. The Cobbled Yard sells all sorts of antiques so it’s quite fitting that they should use traditional signwriting to tout their wares. I have been given the contact details of the signwriter who produced this so hope to …

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Brickads Live (GTA)

nicknormal has taken a great series of shots in New York of Colossal Media producing their latest creation for the new Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game. A few are below but you can see them all in a slideshow giving a real sense of the progress between 6th and 15th October. The guys are hooked …

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Jodie Foster The Brave New York Brickad

NYC Brickads 2007

Oli just got back from New York where he said that there are ghost signs everywhere. However, in addition to the old signs, they are still producing modern brickads over there.  This one is for Jodie Foster’s new film which has just been released in the UK. You can see, towards the bottom of the …

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Colossal Media Painting a Brickad for Dewars in New York

Ghost Signs Live (Dewars)

Just came across this on Erniesmallz blog. It’s the team from Colossal Media at work on a creation for Dewars It’s great to see the painting live at such close range, someone has to film this next time! They are using very fine brushes to create a really detailed brickad, I wonder what the finished …

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Schlitz Beer USA

Production Process

Click here for some interesting notes on the production of Ghost Signs from the USA Museum of Beer Brewing. It implies that the sign writers (or Wall Dogs in USA) used sheets of paper to create a dotted chalk outline on the wall which they could then use to guide the application of paint. I …

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Hovis Van Painting Directions

Hovis Process

Also on my visit to HAT I found this nice example of how big companies got the consistency of style across the country.  It is some directions issued by Hovis as to how the back of a bread van should be painted. In a 1952 Association of National Advertisers (USA) book there is a reference …

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Bile Beans York

Bile Beans

Speaking yesterday with a guy writing his dissertation on the preservation of Ghost Signs I heard about this iconic example from York for Bile Beans. According to my contact it was restored by the York Arts Forum in 1986 just at the same time as the product was being discontinued by the manufacturer. However, despite …

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