Sign Destinations

Places to visit for ghost signs.

Postmans Park Thomas Simpson

Type Tour

A few weeks ago I went on a walking tour organised by type which was led by the very knowledgable, ex-compositor, John Voller. It took in the area around Fleet Street and St Pauls where the print industry grew up alongside the many associated disciplines/crafts, not least typography. This tour was the ‘West’ route, there …

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Ghostsigns on Facebook

I’ve created a page on Facebook for the project which contains videos, photos, links and more. If you use Facebook then you can become a ‘fan’ which will add updates from the page into your news feed. Have a look at what’s going on and join. Ghostsigns on Facebook

Hands Dairy Specialists in Cream Bath

Bath Ghostsigns

A short visit to Bath and Bristol over the weekend allowed me to visit a handful of west country signs. These maybe aren’t the best examples from that part of the world but if you want to see more then I would recommend checking out Aztec West‘s collection over on Flickr (Bristol and Elsewhere). The …

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Mapping of Ghostsigns locations July 2009

Latest Locations & Some Missing

Following the previous mapping of the archive postcodes, here’s an update representing the c.600 signs catalogued for the archive across the key categories being worked on. There are also quite a few that are still waiting on location information, specifically street names and postcodes. These are listed below (alphabetical by county). If anyone can help …

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Mapping of Ghostsigns locations June 2009

Mapping Ghostsigns

Here’s a neat little thing, all the postcodes in the archive so far plotted onto a map.  This gives a really good sense of just how much this is becoming a nationwide project thanks to all the efforts of those submitting their photos to the Flickr group. If you go to the map proper then …

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Peterkin Custard on Google Street View

Google Street View

I’ve been geotagging lots of my pictures on Flickr for the UK Ghost Signs archive project. In order to get postcodes for some of the locations I’ve also been putting the street names into Google Maps. If you haven’t come across it already then you must check out Google Street View. They’ve taken what must …

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French Connection

I’ve just recently returned from five weeks in the south of France, hence the lack of Ghost Sign news since late June.  It looks like Frank Jump was also doing something similar recently and details of my trip last year are here. Just before I left Caroline tipped me off about a Ghost Signs ‘convention’ …

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Google Earth Ghost Signs Experiment

Google Earth Experiment

Last winter I took some of my photos from Flickr and attempted to begin building a map of signs and locations. You can see my preliminary results here if you have Google Earth installed on your machine. You can zoom in and move around and then click on the thumbnail signs for a bigger view …

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