Individual Signs

Blog posts about particular ghostsigns, including those which have been lost (RIPs), repainted or where some general research has been done about the sign.

Gillette Sunday Illustrated Cafe palimpsest

Gillette Palimpsest 2

Here’s another example from the Gillette campaign where there are three signs revealed on one site (palimpsest) in Dalston: Gillette across the middle; Cafe vertically on the right; Sunday… on the diagonal in the top left. There are probably even more but these are the most prominent.

Gillette Criterion Westminster Gazette palimpsest

Gillette Palimpsest

Following the previous post on Gillette Razors I was looking again at this sign which I had always referred to as ‘Westminster Criterion Matches’. It is a rare example of two signs on different walls of the same building, sharing its home with my original post. On closer inspection it is possible to make out …

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Gillette Razors Spitalfields Frank Jump

Gillette Razors

Frank Jump just posted this London sign he photographed while visiting in Spring 2001. It’s a classic Gillette ad with the characteristic blue background colour. The sign below is one I took on Clapham High Street and part of a an ongoing Campaign that Gillette ran in the Brickad format. You can see on the Clapham …

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A Rubinstein and Alf the Purse King

A Rubinstein & Sons

Just like Fin Fahey I had walked past this one in Stoke Newington many times.  I then noticed today that the vine had been cleared since my last photo so took another from the window of Hamiltons just across the road. Does ‘Alf the purse king’ (in red, top left of the sign) mean a …

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Panasonic Bicycle New York

Panasonic (New York)

Lena found this one some time ago lurking on the Wikipedia entry for Panasonic [Update: It no longer appears there]. It’s a fantastically simple design and a really nice photo from Uris. See the full size image here [Update: Link no longer active]. The infomation on Wikipedia says that the company stopped selling bikes in USA …

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Mister Furniture Beziers

Mister Furniture (France)

My mum just got back from France where there is a great tradition of painted sign writing. This one is from Beziers in the south of the country and says “Mister Furniture Sauvagnac”. See this website for more French examples.

Vaneers Stamford Trading Company Shoreditch


This is a huge sign for London and is tucked away round the back of Shoreditch High Street/Kingsland Road.  It was painted in order to be highly visible from the nearby train line and has the old style way of writing phone numbers, SHO (Shoreditch) being 746. Out of view on this picture is the 7 …

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Blue Star Regent Lincoln

Blue Star

Another picture from Andrew Hughes in Lincoln. He dates this c.1960 and says that Blue Star was a national chain of garages.  Also, above the brightly coloured sign, you can see the chopped remains of another older sign on the same spot. The well preserved nature of both signs, the fact that the older one …

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Colossal Media Dewars New York Home is where the mortgage is

Dewars (New York)

Colossal Media I came across an old email from Faris that he sent me after he got back from New York. It had this picture attached with has been painted onto a concrete blocked out window. It was on North 6th, Williamsburg, New York City but I wonder if it’ll have the staying power of …

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Rabbits from the Thetford Warrens

Thetford Warrens

This picture was sent to me by my uncle who lives in Norwich. I saw it for myself when I visited recently.  It is advertising the rabbit warrens at Thetford and is part of a series of similar signs on this building between the windows on the first floor. The sign writer has picked a …

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